Learn to grow magic mushrooms at home with the easy to use mushroom growbox. The magic mushroom growbox has proven results.

With a Magic Mushroom Grow Box, it is possible to watch all grow phases, it is not required to have extensive knowledge about mushroom cultivation, nor it is required to invest a lot of your money. A Magic Mushroom Grow Box just requires some water a warm spot and much love :).

It will take about a week before the 1st magic mushrooms can be seen, about fourteen days after the water was added to the Magic Mushroom Grow Box, the entire mushroom box will be covered with magic mushrooms. One or two weeks later, the magic mushrooms are ready to be harvested. You can get up to 5 flushes of shrooms.

On average you get a yield of 300 - 400 grams of fresh magic mushrooms per Grow Box. This is around 30-40 grams of dried magic mushrooms.